15 years of celebration of the Mozilla community

The Mozilla Community, the web browser developer of Firefox, and those who work on the web are 15 years old today. Mozilla community has protected people from risking the web through Microsoft's exclusive business. Mozilla Bangladesh, like all other Mozilla communities in the world, is celebrating today's day in joyful surroundings. Almost half of these were new contributors, never seen before. Many of them share their experiences with us.

Nah, I was not late today, I got to the right place. Although before me, Sharif, Hirok and new two new contributors came. Anyway after my arrival, we all went to the second floor of the arrangement and went there to find a place to sit. After two spaces, we have a big place for all of us : DOur main event started around 4:30 in the afternoon. At first, everyone presented themselves. Then I asked a question why Mozilla Community was created, although none of the newcomers could give the right answer to this question. And this thing was to know that today's main purpose is to organize. However, after all, the documentary is for everyone. This documentary is about how and why Mozilla Community is created.

The documentary continues to go, our afternoon breakfast, although the breakfast was heavy : DI hope all participants enjoy their breakfast.

At the end of the documentary view and after eating breakfast, the discussion begins with our community. It is seen that everyone is interested in localization, but many are not interested in writing code or contributing in all other ways. Its main reason is that many people do not know the rest of the way and localization is the easiest way. Again, those who do localization and who are interested in it do not know that in addition to localizing Firefox, there are many more projects in Mozilla that require localization. Strongly say a lot about coding contribution, and expressed interest in starting some coding contests by inspiring him.

I can talk about some localization projects other than Firefox. Some people are interested to localize from this time. After the discussion, the signing of new contributors began.

The event was concluded by taking some group pictures at the end of the sign up.

Mozilla and Mozilla communities receive this event

In this event, we received a women contributor for Mozilla Bangladesh, who is interested in localization and working with Mozilla. A localization contributor has also expressed interest in contributing coding. We have received some new contributors / volunteers.

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