Mozilla South Asia Inter-Community Meet-up 2013

The first Mozilla South Asia Inter-Community meet-up has take place in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 23-24 February 2013, with the coordination from Mozilla Nepal Regional community. It will bring together community leaders from the South Asia, including paid staff from across the , to meet for 3 days of presentations, breakout sessions and discussions to plan the implementation of the Mozilla South Asia community road map for 2013 and ensure that the regional community is fully aligned with greater engagement efforts across the Mozilla organization.[]

I was very much excited about this event. For the first time I have participated a Mozilla Community event across the border. The event was successful. Community leaders from other SAARC countries (India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) was there.


We start from Bangladesh on 22nd February. Three Mozillians from Bangladesh (MAK Bhai, Robin Mehedi Bhai and me) have participated there. I was first who come to the airport and waiting for the other :D . The flight was on schedule time. Our flight started at 1 PM and land 2:10 PM local time.After arrival we wait for a long time for VISA.

Meeting New People

When we get outside from the Kathmandu airport we saw two Mozillians from Mozilla Nepal Community were waiting for us with a banner written MOZILLA in there hand. After that we wait for some more Mozillians from India. After 10 or 15 minutes latter they also arrived. First time I meet my Mentor for program. Then we started for the hotel. There was some more Mozillians who were come before us.

After taking some rest we went for a coffee shop. There we have little introduction session. We have some little chit chat among us. I was very much new there, and was just talking with my country people at that time. Our dinner was traditional Nepali food. It was good and little bit much then I can take :) . After dinner I was tired, so I go to my room, I miss some talk. We receive a T-Shirt as event SWAG.

The First Day

We was instructed that we have to come to the hotel lobby by 8 am for breakfast. I was there on time. After some time all joined with us. After having breakfast we moved to the conference hall for starting our main event.

Main event initiated with ‘Gen Kanai’ the Director of Asia Community Engagement for Mozilla. First We had to introduce our self but it was on a ceremonial way. We have to tell 3 point of our self:

1. Who am I?
2. What do I do in Mozilla?
3. What am I planning to do in 2013 for Mozilla?

I was the first to start this introduction session.

With this introduction session we discuss SWOT. Then cross-community brainstorming started. We discuss some issue from SWOT. Then start for lunch on the hotel restaurant.

After having our lunch we joined “Open Data Day, Nepal 2013″ event. There Mozzilians represent b2g, webmaker and the most powerful thing of Mozilla community– localization. Robin Mehedi (from Bangladesh), Avinash (from Nepal) & Deb (from India) presented Firefox OS along with Open Web Applications & Firefox market place. Gauthamraj (from India) present Mozilla webamker with the help of vineel. MAK (from Bangladesh) and Huda Sarfraz (from Pakistan) present localization to the audience. After the official session finish the floor was open for discussion. Some b2g test drive device was there. Audience was very much interested on those device. I found one person who was interested on webmaker, Gauthamraj start talking with him. I talked with some audience who where very much keen to contribute to Mozilla Community. I give them some little suggestion and quick how to of localization. After some time we go to another hall where the closing session of the “Open Data Day” was held. They set the topic how to make a Open Source user to a contributor. Gen Kanai give the first !dea. Then everybody start talking. After that we go to our hotel.

After taking some rest we start our discussion again which we started at morning at hotel conference room. We also get a mug, where our name was written, and “Mozilla Nepal” and “Mozilla South Asian inter-Community Meetup” logo was printed.

mugAfter finish we move for dinner. On the dinner table we discuss some more problem and the solution of the problem with new council member Deb. After finish the dinner we get some new SWAG from Mozilla. We have some chit chat and some more picture. That’s for first day.

Next Day

I was not late for the breakfast on second day. After the breakfast we start our discussion। This time it was which thing is working and which was not working on our community. We identify that our non working part was bigger then working part :( .


After that several task was assign to the interested group. Those task have to complete by this year. I was interested on SuMo and webamaker. At the middle of the long session we have taken our breakfast and teas for 2 times :D .

After finish our discussion we go for dinner little far from our hotel. The dinner was good. After return we have some little chit chat. Again we got some SWAG from Mozilla. We take a group picture.

Then the time came. We said each other good bye.

From the meetup we got a !dea about our neighbor communities strength and weaknesses, how they manage there community. The meetup gives me some responsibility for the south Asian Community. I will try to complete those responsibilities. I have meet some new faces, get a new nick from a fellow Mozillians also.

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